2 Cooks Cafe, Whorouly

I went to the 2 Cooks Cafe in Whorouly yesterday for lunch.  Alright, so not really lunch, I had the apricot crepes, and although they weren’t totally amazing and I don’t feel as though I should be raving about them, there was nothing wrong with them either. They were tasty, they were comforting and they were relaxing.  What I do want to tell everyone about, though, is the fact that the two old ladies who run the joint sat down and played backgammon after they’d finished their work. (There was only me and another couple of ladies in the cafe at this point, it was pretty quiet.)  Not only did they sit and play backgammon, but they are also involved in a steel pans band that practices and plays in the district.  Steel pans are a Jamaican drum instrument.  Check them out, they are pretty cool. http://www.steelpan-steeldrums-information.com/


My Mum

We were playing Phase 10 the other day, a card game by the same people who made Uno, and I noticed my Mum orders her cards back to front. Instead of having her numbers going from 1 to 10, left to right, she does it the other way around. In descending order. I found that very strange. And then I found out my little sister does it the same way. I live in a crazy world.


Isn’t it peculiar that everything we do is completely different to anything that has ever been done before.  I sometimes think we fail to realize how amazing and astonishing this actually is. We have similar experiences as everyone else, and we say ‘same thing happened to me’, but maybe we should be more specific with our language, because the same exact thing can’t have happened. (I’m open to being proven wrong).

In the movie ‘The Giver’ they must use specific language, to avoid misunderstandings etc etc. It’s good in practice, but it doesn’t help with words like love, live and begin, they have such a multitude of meanings and connotations. The Giver was an alright movie, though I did notice that in comparison to the book, the children who are given their life assignments in the movie are older than 12. In the book, it’s the Ceremony of Twelve.  I thought that was astonishing, but that’s just me living in 1st world country mode, I mean, we all know that some girls do become birth mothers at 12 or even earlier. It’s crazy how used to living like this we become, and though I would like to volunteer more, sponsor more children, help more people and countries and stop AIDS and Ebola and everything that superhumans should be able to do, at the moment, I’m just trying to create a life for me and my family.  So volunteer work has to wait, and I have to hope that I can educate my child and inspire the people around me to think of others enough and try to change the world through small actions. It’s the details that will make the difference.

I will leave you with a quote from the book I am reading at the moment ‘The Art of Travel’ by Alain de Botton

“…we may find ourselves anchoring emotions of love to the way a person butters bread or turning against them because of their taste in shoes.  To condemn ourselves for these minute concerns is to ignore how rich in meaning details may be.”